Gifts of Compassion: Over $100

Give the Gift of Compassion this Christmas Season with these gift ideas over $100

Many pregnant women in poverty must give birth at home, alone or with the help of a relative or neighbor.  Your gift will ensure that a pregnant mom will be assisted by a certified skilled birth attendant during the delivery of her child.  The provision of a trained birth attendant promises greater survival for the mother and the newborn.

A cow can greatly improve a rural family’s survival and meet food needs, but the cost of such an animal can be far out of reach. Your gift will help provide this source of income and food, while the family members also learn to generate income through activities like breeding and caring for animals.

Many mothers in the developing world have a burden on their shoulders.  Often, due to death, abandonment, or loss of family support, they are left alone to raise their children. Many need a helping hand to acquire the skills, knowledge and resources to care for their families.  Your gift will help provide information on the best income-generating options – from tailoring to animal husbandry- along with necessary training and support needed to run a small business.

Computer skills are vital for children’s education and their future, but computers can be hard to come by, especially in San Benito, Nicaragua.  Your gift will help equip three child development centers with 10 computers each, air conditioners, furniture and teacher’s salary.  Compassion-assisted adolescents will meet for classes once a week, three hours each session, for a period of eight months.

The family is where fundamental values, core beliefs, and attitudes are formed among children.  Sadly, many boys grow up without fathers and face unforeseen challenges on their path toward adulthood.  A 10-weeks biblical program was developed to vie direction, hope, and stamina to young men, ensuring their ability to be godly, successful fathers, and community leaders.  Your gift will help equip 180 Kenyan Leadership Development Program students who are eager to be true men of God, enabling them to create strong families as they step out on their own in society.

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