Gifts of Compassion: Under $75

Give the Gift of Compassion this Christmas Season with these gift ideas Under $75.

The frequency and cost of childhood immunizations are unthinkable for impoverished parents.  Often they must instead make the choice to buy food with their limited funds.  But going without these needed immunizations can put a child’s health and future at risk.  Your gift will provide one child with all the recommended immunizations through his or her 5h birthday.

Every day over 4,000 children die of water-related diseases such as cholera and typhoid that are easily preventable.  Compassion’s Water of Life treatment system and education can change that for an entire lifetime.  Your gift will provide a safe water system for a child and his or her family.  Each system, which is based on kidney dialysis technology, can provide over 1 million gallons of safe water.

Children can e vulnerable even in their own homes.  Children with severely ill parents, children who must serve as the head of the household, or children who are at risk of abuse or exploitation need extra attention and protection.  Your Gift will help Compassion provide a safe place to live, legal care, and/or foster care for a child who is living in an unsafe environment.

Forty percent of infant deaths occur in the first 28 days.  You can stand in the gap.  The importance of immediate newborn care can never be stressed enough. Your gift will provide a newborn with special care during the first 28 days after birth, including postpartum and pediatrician visits, vaccines, food, and clean water.

For children living in poverty who  need eye glasses, poor vision can cause unnecessary problems and disadvantages, including falling behind in school, headaches, and more.  When children receive glasses, they are so happy to be able to see clearly that they won’t take the glasses off.  Your gift will help provide a child with the gift of sight and new confidence.

When school is out of session, most Compassion-assisted children are left alone all day while their parents are working.  Without proper attention, children are exposed to negative peer influence.  Your gift of Vacation Camp will offer opportunities to have fun, learn and socialize in a supervised setting.  Remove a child from the daily grind of poverty, and send a kid to camp!

One small piglet can enrich a family living in poverty.  Families will learn how best to breed their new piglet, making it more than a simple farm animal.  Because the average sow can give birth to up to 16 piglets a year, your gift could mean a lifetime of income and food for a family.

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